Saturday, December 31, 2011

Filter This...

Check it out...just added a link to my Instagram feed. Over on that there sidebar ---->

Hooked 'er up to a tumblr account, cuz I'm cool like that.



Friday, December 30, 2011

18.5 Months

Just for the record:

Here's some new words Samson says without being asked to repeat after us.

pasta, peacock, bike, bus, fire, frog, pizza, monkey, milk, sheep, donkey, zebra, truck, boots, light, pretty, bonk, binki, mickey, train, baby, nugget (nuggie), fries, cool (also used for "soda"), show (tv show), game, nose, eyes, teeth, up, broke, coat, hot. All I can think of for now!

The other night without promoting he said, "buh-bye Maga" (grandma) and I about died. There are other names he's said alongside buh-bye and it's uh.dorable.

The other night Sam started playing with his letter magnets he got for Christmas and Tadd began asking Sam to repeat the alphabet letter by letter after him. After a few times Tadd would start with "A" and Sam would say "B". Brilliant, I tell you. I'll have to post a video later...

Our downstairs neighbors just had a baby and Sam has started saying "baby down". And apparently "Baby Bit" is much like "Baby Ben" in Sam's mind.

He's also added to his animal noises with hee-haw, neigh (nee), pig snort, and moo.

He is extremely attached to me, and rarely remains composed when I have to leave, even sometimes into the back of the house. Poor kid.

He got ear tubes the day before Thanksgiving (a post for another time), and promptly got an ear infection the week after. Always ill, this little boy of ours. Sucks.

He still loves to be outside, even in the cold and snow, and we often find him trying to escape outside unsupervised.

We love this little monster of ours, and among his tantrums and attitude we enjoy the daily discoveries he's making and his ever-present goofy personality.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Times at the Salon

I spend many, many hours at the salon these days (which I truly love), whether it's moving up my extensions, coloring my hair once every four months (bless you, ombre), and most often beautifying my clients!

Why do I have extensions, you may ask? I NEED them. See picture below for evidence...(and excuse the gross curls)

Due to the birth of my lovely child, I lost ridiculous amounts of my hair, and although it is growing back, it's at a rate slower than most. I'm not ready to chop my hair off, since it did grow a decent amount while I was pregnant and then for three months after having Sam I had fairly awesome least for me. 

Additionally, I have brought in seven new clients just because of my extensions to give them their own! Walking billboard, I am...if I do say so myself.



At the rate I'm doing hair some days, my trusty mug is what gets me through! Filled with The Nectar of the Gods of course!

When one of these two hooligans come in, we force the other to come in as well, whether it's to touch up their hair or not. ALWAYS a good time with Mar and Mal. (Marli is one of these aforementioned new clients.)

Out n' About

Some fresh air we've enjoyed this late winter season...

What else can I do when the boy wants to go play and all that Grandma has is a puffy, pink coat?

Dino Museum

Thanksgiving Point with Tysen, Lindey, Kristen Carter and kids!

Looks like a blondie boy to me!

What sign that says, "Do Not Touch"?

 Having the time of his life!

Cox Family Halloween Party

Lindey had looked up a few ideas on Pinterest that she and I put together for the Cox Halloween party, they were a hit!

He's so helpful

Pumpkin Patch and Witches

We visited the Pumpkin Patch on Geneva with Tysen and the kids one day, and then headed up to SLC to see the witches!

Are my excessive car seat pictures getting annoying yet?

Oh ya, Samson LOVED the witches!

Holding the witch's goose for Samson


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