Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm Always the Last to Know

But we'll just pretend I'm in on the "at this moment" posts that have been circulating my families web logs.

Right about now...

We've got some sick faces at our house.

Samson and Taddson are snoozing, Tadd more so snoring next to me.

I'm lamenting the fact that Sam won't always be my baby, and I sorta hate that.

I have a list of grown-up things to take care of that are a mile long and I'm dreading it.

The heater is humming along and it makes me wonder if Sam is a puddle of sweat in his crib since he has a radiator heater in there as well. I find I sleep better when I'm super warm, maybe he does too?

I'm enjoying my all white walls that I painted Friday night at 11:30.

I'm really enjoying the show Revenge and can't wait to find out if Emily destroys that annoying Tyler's life. And face.

My neck hurts from a kink I must've obtained by falling asleep in the tub last night. Our tub is practically a sardine can so the position I was laying in was quite uncomfortable.

Why was I so tired? Well because the Halloween party Lindey and I directed for the Cox family was a hit! And apparently required more energy than expected.

Researching a pumpkin pancake recipe for tomorrow morning. Gettin' festive here, folks!

Also realizing we have no plans for trick or treating tomorrow night! Who wants company?

First Day at the Pool

Beautiful view from a beautiful pool!

Mally pullin' out all the stops.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pool Progress (Belated)

This post is way late...or early...since we almost didn't believe the pool would ever happen, like a dream!

Back in August, my parents pool was finally completed! Samson and I joined my mom the day the pool liner, and many other things, went in. It was a little surreal watching it all happen!

Samson pitched in a little

And zoomed his truck along with the other machinery.

Then, as all busy little boys should do, he took a little break below the stairs with the stuffed snake and books.

Mom was under the impression the liner was going in a day or so later, so we squealed with joy when the pool guys wheeled out a giant box and unwrapped the liner from inside! Watching how they put it in was pretty cool!

First dip in the pool!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nielsen's Grove

Also, awhile back we spent an evening at Nielsen's Grove, a little gem I hadn't yet discovered!

We needed a couple pictures on his Samson sized chair mostly because I can't get over his chubby face.

Tadd had a chance to try out his new birthday boat, and with an audience, none the less!

Shaley found that Lucy thought it was HILARIOUS when she threw bread to the ducks. She was outrageously giggling, it was so cute!

I just love these two

What is cuter than a little boy riding atop his handsome daddy's shoulders with a bird's eye view? (The handsome is really just for me...)

We found a great...uhhh..."splash pad" for the kids to play in

...and be naked in.

Oh wait...

Samson didn't really enjoy the giant swings

But these two little munchkins did!

Miss Nora

Miss Lucy
My babe and I.

Boy do I miss the days of summer

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kangaroo Zoo

Sam and I took a little trip up to North Salt Lake awhile back to visit Lauren and her kids and play at Kangaroo Zoo.

Sammy caught up on his reading on the way up, and I admired his ability not to get sick in the car while reading. Something he did not get from his mother.

He also stuffed his face the.whole.way.

Kangaroo Zoo was a hit!

As was the frozen yogurt afterward.

Leaving Lauren behind is like leaving behind a part of my soul!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sushi and Splash Pad

I've been so lucky to meet a new friend a few months ago, and via Instagram, none the less. Her name is Lauren. My Lauren. That's what I shall call her.

Our first official rendezvouz outside of the salon was at Riverwoods with our kidlets, minus one of her two kids.

Samsy and I goofed around in the car while we waited for Lauren.

Took a little jaunt around the parking lot

After a truly haneous lunch at Happy Sumo with my child who refused to sit in his chair, keep his food on the table, or speak with an inside voice, we let the kids play in one of the splash pads and did our best to keep them occupied while we chatted.

Luckily Tadd was actually down the way at another restaurant, so I was able to drop Sam off for a few minutes so I could finish my lunch. TGFH (thank goodness for husbands)

Showing Scarlet the ropes

Except it turned out that she was more adventureous that he was!

And then who can resist a shirtless baby in a carseat!?

So, basically what happens when two girls who have a ridiculous amount in common and both enjoy a good time hang out??? Oh goodness!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Goofin' Around

It's no secret I take way too many pictures, and catalog way too many of them, but with a face like the one below...can ya blame me?

I have to admit watching Sam grab both of the giraffes out of the toy bin, I thought it was a stroke of genius.

Sammy and his daddy love to goof around, and they do it better than any father and son I know.

Exhibit B: Eating dad's sour patch kids.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Botany Pond

Looking back at these pictures really makes me miss HOT weather!

We headed to the BYU Botany Pond one Sunday with Tadd's family to feed the ducks, although they weren't interested in food. Seems they're a bit overfed...

Reeeal excited about the ducks and turtles

They've recently redone this area on campus and it's really pretty!

The cheesy smiles from this little girl never get old!


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