Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fourth of July Part II

Saturday evening was spent down at the Provo High football practicing field waiting for the Stadium of Fire fireworks, as is tradition.

Tadd's parents brought down their pool trampoline for the kids to play on, and also a pack-n-play for any babies that might fall asleep. Lately Samson has loved to play in his crib, so he was content to hang out in there for awhile and play. Naturally, he wanted to sport some sweet shades as well.

The firework show was one of the best I'd seen the SOF do in a long time, so waiting until 10 PM was totally worth it!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Four Parts of the Fourth

What a holiday! Stretched out over the weekend; we were more than exhausted once it was all over.

The 4th has always been my favorite holiday, but I quickly realized this year that having a kid definitely put a hampering on festivities, and it's so easy to get stressed out with the details and traditions. I just need to remind myself to let my hair down and ENJOY!

We kicked off the weekend on friday night at Chris and Tysen's gorging ourselves on quintessential summer sweets and treats and enjoying fireworks.

As I write this post, my heart is heavy for Chris and Tysen and his family. Chris' dear father, Larry, passed away last night. Although he's struggled with health issues the last few months his death was such a shock, and I cannot even imagine the heartache his sweet wife and kids are experiencing. As someone who has only known him about ten years, and has only experienced a small amount of the love, kindness and generosity he had to offer, I am so sad, so I cannot imagine what they are going through.

Larry was somewhat of a second dad to Tadd, and was there for him a lot in his teenage years. Larry is a lot of the reason Tadd made it as far as he did with his golf career, and I cannot thank him enough for all the support and encouragement he gave to Tadd over the years. He has deeply influenced Tadd, and will be sorely missed by the both of us.

Samson really enjoyed the little push car, and beeped that little horn to his heart's content!

Every time I turned around, Samson had something new in his mouth. Whether it was watermelon, ice cubes, sno cones or popcorn, he was well fed that evening and happy as a clam!

We were the party poopers of the evening, and left before dark. I figured missing one night of fireworks to put Samson down for the night at a decent time was well worth it, so we weren't dealing with a grouchy monster all weekend!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Midway Cabin

A couple weeks ago the girls and kids headed up to the Coxes cabin in Midway for a week of mountain air, crafting and good times.

Samson and I only went up one night, since I'm at the salon most nights. We went up with Shaley and Lucy on Wednesday without the intention of staying over, but Kecia coerced us into staying. And besides, before we knew it we had chatted and played so long it was late and dark out, and the canyon is pretty scary at night!

The kids love to mattress surf at the cabin, so I sent Samson down with Mazie a couple times to see what he thought of it. No change in expression. Sometimes this kid is SO his father.

Shaley, Lucy and I went down to a cute fabric store/boutique and a bakery Wednesday afternoon for a little outing. It was Lucy's first time in an umbrella stroller; she looks so tiny!
Sam loved to roam around the cabin getting into things we shouldn't, of course, and playing out on the back deck. The surroundings are so beautiful up there, and it was so nice falling asleep to the sound of the river below the cabin through my open window.

Unfortunately my sleep was short-lived. Sam decided to wake up at 4 AM, he doesn't do so well when he isn't in his own bed, so I tried to let him soothe himself back to sleep, but he wasn't having it, so in hopes that he wouldn't wake anyone else up, I picked him up only to find out he had soaked through his diaper, pajamas and sleepsack, and he was freezing from being wet. It was a nightmare trying to get him into new clothes, give him a bottle, and get him back to sleep all while trying not to wake anyone else up in the nearby rooms and in the family room. Then by the time we were back in our room, I had to sneak around in the dark and lie very still so he wouldn't know I was in his room with him.

Samson loves cousin Madi, and the two of them always have a great time together. She is also always such a great help to me!

Giving grandma a brief cuddle before bed.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Poor Bug

Our poor little bug has asthma. Whether it's cold induced, allery induced, or just plain asthma, it still just makes me sad!

We've got ourselves a nebulizer now, which is loads of fun since it's basically a wrestling match for five minutes when trying to give Samson a breathing treatment. Here's to hoping he only has bouts like this a few times a year!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Be Still My Heart

This is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen my little munchkin do.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vegas Round Two

I am a spoiled, spoiled brat. Two trips to Vegas in two months? Granted this second one was for a hair show (hello tax write off), but it was still enjoyable. I am incredibly fortunate to work with great people who I geniuenly enjoy being around.

Driving down to The Vegs with Chelsea and Julie. Oh, you don't know this slang? It's totes all the rage.

We stayed at my friends, Jessie and Erica's, house Friday night and stayed up into the wee hours of the night acting like three girls in high school, giggling and chatting.

First item of business on Saturday? Hit the pool, of course. My goodness, Vegas produces some real weirdos. We had the pleasure of watching two strangers meet up at the bar and dirtily dance together. All the while in bathing suits, might I add. Guh-ross.

Saturday evening was shopping at the Forum shops and Cheesecake Factory. Isn't it glorious that H&M doesn't close until midnight!?
I want this elephant.

Hair show the next day, which was loads of fun. We attended a few classes, learned some new techniques, and explored all the booths. And yes, I witnessed a Nick Arrojo hair cut. I looked all around for Stacey and Clinton, but was disappointed to see that the three of them just aren't a packaged deal.

We were completely overwhelmed with the number of feather, tinsel and bling extension booths. Did I say overwhelmed? I meant disgusted. I basically want to rip these out of every head I see.

Dinner that night with all the stylists. See why I freaking love these girls?

We returned home on Monday, and the next day I couldn't keep this little one off of me, it was pretty much the most adorable thing.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pool Prep

Summer...the most glorious time of the year.
BBQs, 4th of July, sun tans, sno cones, watermelon, diet coke (year round)...ahhh I could just keep going and going.

But what's summertime without a pool!? (Sorry Mom. Soon, very soon), and what's a pool without a proper cleaning? So the Cox family gathered together one Saturday (oh wait, I wasn't there. I'm useless when it comes to physical labor, OR actually I was at the salon), and helped Papa Steve get the pool and backyard ready for summer enjoyment!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Miss Mia is HOME!

Our newest niece is finally home!

After six months of planning, waiting, fundraising, praying and longing, and five weeks of Kris and Kecia away from home and family in Eastern Europe...they are finally home with little Mia.

She is the sweetest little thing, and such a joy to be around. We find ourselves just watching her every move; she is so dainty and full of life! It's so fun to be a part of her new life, and be able to experience some of her "firsts" in this new world she is experiencing.

We were able to catch glimpses of her perfect little personality and sense of humor through Kecia and Kris' blog while they were overseas, and boy was it just a tiny peek. She has so much to offer in this new world, and we couldn't have been prepared for what a little angel she truly is!

Awaiting their arrival! The tears started flowing even just when we saw their flight had landed (as Adrie points out above); we just knew we'd all be such a mess when they walked through those doors! The anticipation was almost tangible!

It was so neat seeing Kris and Kecia reunite with their three girls, and introduce them to their new sister! I so admire my BIL and SIL, and all they have done to raise awareness and give a litle girl a home and an eternal family!

A couple videos definitely worth watching!


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