Saturday, April 30, 2011

Frenzied Frizz

What do you do when your baby vomiteers on your freshly washed and blown ever-so-rarely-straight hair?

Why, you reach for your drugstore brand (you heard that right) TreSemme Waterless Foam Shampoo!

Hairoin reader, Senora HB, introduced me to this foamy goodness (after I posted about my beloved Pssst Dry Shampoo), so I gave it a try and I give it two thumbs up! I pumped a few dollops of the waterless foam into my hands, and applied/slathered/rubbed/combed into afflicted section of hair. Wallah! No lingering crustiness or smell!

I didn't even blow it dry this time, which I usually do after using this, although it's not entirely necessary. The next morning I just ran the flat iron over it a couple times harm done! Samson will live to see another day (KIDDINGKIDDINGKIDDINGKIDDINGKIDDING).

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Goings-On of Late

Bath times have become a battle. Sure, Sam still absolutely loves his baths. He just loves them more when he's holding the tub stopper in his pudgy little hands.

Don't you hate when you find the deal of the century on KSL for an upholstered king size West Elm headboard and frame and coordinate with the seller to see it later, only to find out a few hours later that she decided to sell it to her MIL?

I'm so bleeping sick of this weather. I'd like to blame it for my son's continous sickness. RSV twice in two months with ear infections each time...a month later - double ear infection, double eye infection, viral infection, cough...10 days later - double ear infection hasn't gone away, gets an antibiotic shot, may need tubes...this is just getting ridiculous.

Tadd and I have an impending date with my friend, Charisse, and her husband, Chris, to play Friends Scene It. All four of us watch Friends every day. At least one episode. It just ends up in the background...or the foreground. Charisse and I text each other Friends' lines all day. Yes, we realize we need help. I'm looking into a 12 step program for us. But of course not before we celebrate Rachel's birthday on May 5th.

I bought a jogging stroller at Burlington, just a basic one to tide us over for now. But I can't get myself to open up the box because I believe (The Secret) that I'm going to come across a killer deal on KSL for a BOB stroller. The Secret. The Secret. The Secret. The Secret. The Secret. (Is it working? Are any of you putting yours on KSL riiiiight now?)

Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza. That's what we've been up to lately.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Career Day

For Sammy's independently created career day, he chose to come spend some time with mom at the salon. Or rather, Tadd had to rush off to a softball game and I wasn't quite finished with Whitney's hair, so he dropped him off to hang.

We resorted to letting the monster crawl around on the semi-clean, mostly swept floor once sitting on laps just wasn't cutting (har har) it any more.

Chelsea adorned him with a clip so he wouldn't feel left out among the stylists.

He spent a good amount of time at the salon entertaining some ladies up front and people watching. Is he my son, or what? much drool is too much before my keyless entry breaks? Sometimes the screaming isn't worth it when I take them away...

Ooohhh double chin! His (dummies).

In other news, Sam likes french fries. Of course.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Swingin' Springin'

I'm so happy our little boy loves swings. Grandma and Papa have swings on their deck, and Sam took to them right away (see below). Of course, what kid doesn't love a good swing sesh?

Since we have an awesome porch, and I have an awesome husband, I hired him to hang a swing to be enjoyed clear until it starts snowing.

Sam may be a mini Tadd in the looks department, but I'm slowly seeing more of me in his personality and preferences. One thing is for certain, he and I enjoy the sun more than most people, and heaven help the person who opens our front door, and shuts it before letting him out into the sunshine.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter!

Of all the victories in human history, none is so great, none so universal in its effect, so everlasting in its consequences as the victory of the crucified Lord who came forth in the Resurrection that first Easter morning. - Gordon B. Hinckley

I did end up putting together an Easter basket for Samson, and added a few church books, and of course a stuffed hammerhead shark. Because, why not?

Easter Sunday this year wasn't as I normally remember it, what with chasing around a busy crawler, and fighting to keep him entertained. I guess our attendance is what matters???

After church we had dinner and an egg hunt at Tadd's parents, which is always entertaining!

150 eggs + 10 kids running wild = a typical Sunday (minus the eggs)

Madi is such a great cousin, and always loves to help out with the babies.

Of course the concept was lost on the little tot, but we enjoyed playing along anyway.

Along with a few eggs filled with candy, we also found two eggs labeled "Sam" with a dollar bill stuffed in each of them! Lucky boy!

Look at Steve's lush green grass! If only the lawncare boys at our place had these kind of skills!

My boyfriends

Apparently Bree hit the motherlode and just couldn't carry her basket any longer!

All the kids minus the babies. And Kareen!

Went for another spin in the bad boy.

Seems he's starting to get a hang of this driving thing!
Lacey came up with a brilliant plan this summer. Strap Samson into the car, since he's more than content in there, and man the remote while laying out. Genius!

Happy Birthday to Megan! And Steve!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Egg Hunt & Brunch

My mom hosted an Easter egg hunt and brunch for the kids on Saturday, and it was enjoyed by children and adults.

Each child was given a basket with their own unique egg and there were 11 more just like it hidden in the yard. That's my mom, uhhh Easter Bunny, for you, organization! It was brilliant and made for a lot of fun.

I actually haven't decided yet if I'm going to teach Sam about the Easter Bunny. It seems a titch creepy that a bunny comes traipsing through your home and yard leaving behind, essentially, its droppings (of sorts), and gifts. Random.

I do know that I want to create this activity in the next year or two. I want the focus of Easter to be on the resurrection, for that is what this holiday is about. However, I will also incorporate what Easter has commercially become because who doesn't love a good egg hunt!

But hey! To each, his own!

And...onto the hunt!

Searching the premises for the golden egg. Yes, the golden egg. A yellow chick egg with $10 hidden inside!

Lieutenant Jack hunted for camo print eggs!

Hi Tadds.
Someday there will be a pool whereabouts I'm standing, you just wait!

And look who found the golden egg! I hope she followed through with her spending plans...did you have a lovely lunch, Whit?

Sam with all his loot!

Little Vi Vi.

FotoFace is back!

Dancin' to The Biebs. Addie even jabbers along with Ludacris!

Best thing I heard all day? Uttered by Jack, "Hey Tadd, do you want to come play with me? You look like you're bored." I heart him.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Springtime Saturday

Family gathered at the Cox casa to enjoy the warmer weather.

There is one outfit of Sam's that, I kid you not, he has a blow out in e.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e he wears it. Luckily Camme had a creeper Sam could wear, but it was a bit chilly for shorts so I grabbed a pair of baby legs on my way up from the salon. My, that kid was STYLIN'!

It was a real task keeping Samson away from that firepit.

That poor black eye hasn't gone away yet, but it's definitely the mark of our busy, busy little boy.

Tadd's parents got a couple of these cars for Christmas with some RC Willey deal, and theycan be remote controlled! AND you can plug your iPod in! Lyla and Sam loved cruisin' around.

Then we took a little stroll in the wagon around the pool, to which he also very much approved of.

Bree lovingly patted and rubbed Sam's head during this wagonride.

Oh, my favorite! Deer in the headlights. It's beginning to seem that this face is replacing his FotoFace seen here and here, which I'm really sad about.

I love when these two play together, and don't you just love Lyla's Michelin Man arms!?

Riding off into the sunset together. Awww, how romantic.
When do you think it's the ideal time to break it to the two of them that they're cousins?

"Peace out!"

Speaking of babies, let's talk about the stupidity that is the parents of ID and UT...please read this.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Would You Agree...

...our little one is having a rough time cutting his two top teeth?

I felt like I walked in on a mini blood bath when I got him up from his nap.

Notice the little bottom-teeth marks (from awhile back)...grrrrrr...make me want to wallop his little behind.

Gruesome, eh?

Poor baby. Guess this explains why he took an unusually long time to fall asleep. Worst mother of the year.

Monica didn't even survive the nap terror (see first picture).

Nor did his sleep sack.

May this never ever happen again!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

We Indulged

I walked in the door the other night after a long day at the salon to hear Tadd shushing me. Apparently Samson had been laying on Tadd's lap, had finished off his bottles (I guess he demanded 11 oz), set his bottle down and zonked out like *that* (finger-snap). There was no waking him. Nor did we want to try.

Since we sleep trained Samson he will not fall asleep anywhere but in a crib. Fabulous, most of the time, but occasionally a pain (ie: church). Side note: At this time in my life there is nothing more satisfying than laying my baby down in his crib wide awake, knowing that he will fall asleep on his own. So, basically this occurrence was rare.

Tadd graciously let me take Sam and cuddle with him to my heart's content. And cuddle, I did.

Long day at the salon = lookin' nasty by the end of the day

Sam even stayed asleep while I laid myself down to get nice and comfy and enjoy my cuddle time. Had he not become a sweaty little beast, I could've stayed like this all.night.long.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tiddle Bittles

A few other pictures to note...

Samson has never been busier than he was at Mark n' Meg's. Moving the chairs, licking the glass door, dumping Sophie's water, climbing the stairs, grabbing any and all things he shouldn't be, etc...

He and Addie discovered the door stopper in the bathroom, and were SO entertained. It was one of the first times I really noticed them playing with each other. Samson would rattle the stopper, look over at Addie and wait for her to laugh then he'd squeal and wave his arms around (a common gesture of his when he's excited). They just laughed and laughed!

Our second favorite time of the day. Bath time. Leading up to our favorite time of the day. Bedtime!

Addie practiced her coloring skills often, and Haley also found it to be therapeutic when she felt the need to wring a certain young one's neck*.

Megan ingeniously punctured her beloved Sonic cup after a grueling 90 minutes of Bikram yoga. Still...a whole other post to dedicate to the sweatiest 90 minutes of my life.

An uber relaxing swing for the little tyke at the Sparks Marina.

Doesn't two kids look great on Haley???

Heading home. I had to play a fair amount of musical chairs to appease Samson. It got pretty lonely back there for him without Addie.

A close up of that shiner he got falling onto his activity table. It's a week and a half later, and it's still not gone. How long do these suckers typically stick around?

*In Addie's defense, she was getting sick, wasn't sleeping well at night (the poor little thing has night terrors), and in a new place.
*In Haley's defense, she stressed herself out to the max for nothing. None of us were bothered by Addie, but Haley felt it was her duty to shield us from any Addie-ness she felt was unwarranted.


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