Monday, June 27, 2011


Tasted O.J. Didn't hate it. Check out that belly that cannot be contained.

Tadd came home from a drink run one night with flowers! Collective "awwwww"!

The boy loves watermelon almost as much as I do. Success! Take that, Taddy dear!

Got to do these little ladies' hair and make up for their dance concert while their parents were overseas adopting!

Attempted making a german pancake, and reached for the 425 degree handle seconds after taking it out of the oven and setting it on the counter. Idiot.

Vroom vroom! No, I did not choose to set him in the pink car, he just has too many girl cousins with girl toys!

Taking the Cox girlies to Provo for one of the weeks their parents were gone.

Best $5 ever spent at a yard sale, Lindey!

"Ya wanna rumble???"

He really, really loves his books. But really.

Ok, this one I am guilty of. He needed an outfit change at Whitney's, and once the flowered shorts were on, Haley, Whitney and I just couldn't resist the pink shirt and bow. Just for a second though. Geez. Violet most certainly does NOT approve.

Once again, watermelon.
Have I ever told you if I was allowed one food for the rest of my life it would be watermelon?

Orem Fest, Summer Fest, Orem Summer...something like that.
Little Lyla enjoying every minute of it.

Little bug was content to sit in his stroller and watch the kids go on the rides.

We did let him out to ride the...rooster? Good heavens, what happened to horses!?

Can't blame me for the overload of pictures, can ya? He's just that cute. (Just wait for his birthday post. You'll be embarrassed for me. I have no self control.)

Our Crest ladies discovered this day that Tadd and I are married! They see us both daily but never together. My, were they surprised!

New birthday toy in use at the pool. The perfect gift, Tysen!

The pool is proving to be very popular with this little fish.

This one doesn't mind it much either.

I can't even stand how adorable this one piece suit is. Adorable and nerdy!

Miss Nora all stylish in her cover-up!

A grubby day in the Cox home. But wouldya look at that...a floor somewhat free of toys? Magical!

Caught redhanded hoarding the peanut butter from Violet behind a lawn chair on the deck at Grandma Sue's!

Later discovered...two teeny tiny peanut butter handprints!

Tadd's idea of feeding Sam cereal for breakfast. Bless his heart.

Like the best day of his life ever. Did anyone ever tell you that mud doesn't come out of clothes? Well, it doesn't. There. You've been warned.

Ma and Pa Peterson went on the Trek in their ward, and contrary to what this photo depicts, my father actually made it out alive.
Discovered this gem among my mother's iPhoto.


rabidrunner said...

I've done that German Pancake burn thing. It's not fun. Now I leave a hot pad on the handle as a "reminder."

Amanda said...

What a cute blog... And what a cute boy! Hiding to eat some peanut butter! So cute! By the way, I love those orange sandals you are wearing! Where did u find such cute shoes?!


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