Monday, August 31, 2009

Shower the Bride

The family/friends shower for Shaley was a success, and lots of fun!

We had the pleasure of meeting almost all of Roman's sisters (we'll meet the rest in Arizona in September), and his mother at the shower. Lots of girls in the Cox and Madsen clans!

Shaley with a few nieces

Opening Lindey's present, bet you could guess what a sister would buy the bride!

My gift wasn't suitable to post. Would've been inappropriate! If ya know what I mean...

A darling apron one of Roman's cousins made!

Cox girls.

Madsen girls (sisters, aunts, and mother)

And what would a shower be without yummy treats? We girls sure know treats!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sneak Peek

That's my photographer friend, and that car he's driving...makes for some sweet shots.
You. Just. Wait.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Only a Hop, Skip and a Jump...

...over to My Hairoin. Check out my most recent B&A's...
Just furthering my addiction, my friends.

Also, this is post #400!
That's right...FOUR, OH, OH.

Here's to another 400!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fallon is Rude

Dear Fallon,

You had a tag on your blog, and didn't tag me. I'm offended. Therefore, tomorrow...I may jack up your bangs. Tough luck chick-a-dee. So, I tag myself.

{25 random things about me}

1. My favorite smell is rain. Mostly rain on cement, or water on cement. I've been caught wetting cement when I'm swimming and then just sniffing it. It smells so good I want to suck on it.
2. I want to be pregnant. Haven't tried to be, I just want to be.
3. I'm super clumsy lately. Just in the last two weeks: spilled a glass of milk on my in-laws keyboard, ruined it. Dropped my iPhone and put 13 cracks in the screen. Spilled 100% acetone on my dresser and pulled up the finish on it. Just in the last two weeks. Awesome.
4. I feel like my husband and I are getting boring. We don't go out much anymore, and it makes me sad.
5. Even after 24 years I still hate my smile. It's crooked from a birth defect, and I don't think I'll ever accept it. But at the same time I wonder if I'd look weird with a straight smile.
6. I hate giant bows/flowers on kids. Specifically, but not limited to, this. I'm sorry to all of you friends that do it, I love you dearly, but why are you doing this to your kids?
7. However, I do like wearing them myself. Go figure.
8. I don't wash my hair more than twice a week. Sometimes only once a week. You may find me disgusting, but it's just what I do. I hate washing it, drying it...the whole enchilada.
9. I love T.V. series. Not the weekly episode of a few T.V. series, but the entire season when it's out on DVD. I love to spend a week or two watching the entire season, preferably a few seasons. I love getting into a show when there are already 2 or more seasons, so I can waste that much more of my life.
10. 25 things is a lot of things. I'm getting bored.
11. I wish I could take class after class on updos. I need to get good at them, and I need to like them.
12. I have projects building up all around me, and I am determined to get them done. I am! A quilt, a dining table, a bench, a night stand, a laptop tray...hmmm, am I forgetting anything?
13. I am not concerned with making my bed. Tadd and I sleep under different blankets (no flat sheet, only a fitted beneath us), and it's too much of a hassle to fold up both blankets every morning and pull the comforter from the floor onto the bed. I'm lazy.
14. I have this idea in my head of an awesome style to wear, and I just don't think I can pull it off. I wish I had the guts to try it out. What if I look like a total fooooool?
15. I should lose at least 5 lbs so I can fit comfortably into my clothes again. Then again...if I want a new style, maybe I should outgrow all my clothes?
16. I cannot wait to have my own house. Preferably an old home with lots of charm and character that I can just love to death. I'm so excited to decorate and I have lots of ideas that I hope I can pull off.
17. Actually, there is a house on 2nd East in Provo that I would pay a million dollars for when it's maybe worth 230,000. I'd give my arm for it as well.
18. Lately I am so freaking emotional. Tough times call for tears. Or really (if you know me at all), any time calls for tears.
19. I hate all bugs, but mostly spiders. I believe I've already expressed this on my blog. I have a ridiculous fear that if I kill a spider it's family will come after me. Think Arachnid. If I were to overcome my family-of-spiders fear, I couldn't approach them to kill them since I'm convinced they'll jump on me.
20. I need help on my blog etiquette. Specifically, commenting. When someone comments on my blog should I always comment back? And if I do, am I supposed to go to their blog to respond, or do I respond on my own comment form?
21. Tadd and I are terrible at fighting. Usually I am unreasonable and emotional, and Tadd can't help but laugh at me in my ridiculousness. Is that terrible? Someday, we'll figure it out, I'm sure.
22. I will eat anything edible. I dislike a handful of things, but I'll still eat them. Peanut butter, don't really like. Rice, don't like. But you bet I've eaten them both in the last week. I just love food.
23. I seriously can't believe I'm going to be here for another Utah winter. Not happy about it.
24. I want to have a deep dark secret to send in to PostSecret (reader discretion advised).
25. I want some butter and raspberry jam on white toast. Right now. So, I think I'll go get some.

Good Evenin'

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reunited Again

The girls are back in town!

Well, were. For one night 5 of the 6 Steel Magnolias were together again. And it was magnificent.

Wahoo! Loving my friends.

CPK. A must.

Mary must've been really hungry to try and eat my flower.

And she thinks she can do the Charleston!

My dear TT who I hardly see since she's so in love.

They would be taking pictures of themselves.

My Jessie

Utah. Nevada. Utah. Utah. Texas
Utah. Nevada. Colorado. Idaho. Utah.

I'm told I'm the one known for never taking a serious picture, but really...check out Mary.

I love that we all have our cameras; inspecting recently taken pictures.
We sure missed Carrie!

Jessica is always the pretty one.

What would a girls night be without a billion pictures? Thank you Preston!

I love my girls. There is a lot to say about a group of girls that can go 6 months without seeing each other, and pick up right where we left off.

Friendship is so important to me, and these girls fulfill my need for it to a "T". And who would've thought I'd meet such well rounded, great girls at hair school? Not me!

Thank you for all you are to me, girls. I love you!

Um, Really?

A friend of mine told me I look like Deb from Dexter. I can't decide if I should be offended or not. I mean, really...have you seen the first season of Dexter? Guuuuhross.

Why couldn't she have said I am the spitting image of this sweet girl?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Day Worth Repeating

Simple. Relaxing. Just what the doctor ordered for my "happy day".

Lunch at Zupas with the in-laws, minus Kecia. Last minute lunch, sorry for the poor planning Kecia! We definitely missed you!

Just finished painting Addison's toenails. Visiting Addie on my birthday was my gift to me!

So itty bitty! I had to use a toothpick to paint her nails!

My loving husband washed AND waxed my car as a birthday gift. I couldn't have asked for more!

Pool party! Lots of little-kid-throwing was going on.

The little Ava-girl, who started wishing everyone a "happy day".

Little Griffin loves any and all toy balls! Need to make him happy? Hand him a ball. Or food!

Van, not so loving this.

Or this.

Getting a little candle-blowing help from the kids!

My hot husband who arranged the family get-together for my birthday!
Shaley and Roman in the background watching the rad summer storm.

20 minutes of intense thunder, lightening, pouring rain and sunshine!

Ava and Jack enjoying their cake.

Ava especially enjoying her purple frosting flower!

Loving the back deck swing.

Thank you to everyone that made my birthday a fantastic day!
Husband, family, constant texts from friends and Facebook messages
made my day more than I could've asked for!
Not to mention the set of Betsy-Tacy-Tib books I now own!

One more year until I'm a quarter of a century old. Yikes!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh, By the Way...

I turn 24 in about 45 min.
Rock on.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Tadd and I are in a major pickle.
We need health insurance. Stat.

Since I quit Nu Skin in preparation for our move to Vegas we are now uninsured. We had the option of Cobra, but it's just too freakin' expensive.

It's looking like for the time being that neither Tadd or I will be working a full time job to get health insurance, so we need to find a family plan as soon as possible, and I'd greatly appreciate any help anybody can give me!

We seem to be pretty uninsurable since there are pre-existing conditions we are dealing with, but if anyone knows of any divine insurance company that may accept us, please help!

Thank you in advance!

My Friend Sil...

...Likes me best with a garter-headband!


Hours before little Addison Michelle was born those of us that were at the hospital made our weight, height and time predictions...

Whitney: 8 lb 4 oz - 21 in 5:45 AM
Dad: 7 lb 3 oz - 20 1/2 in 3:47 AM
Ethan: 17 lb 0 oz - 46 in 1:30 AM
Caitlyn: 8 lb 2 oz - 19 in 7:03 AM
Michelle: 7 lb 5 oz - 19 in 4:25 AM
Mom: 7 lb 15 oz 19 1/2 in 4:50 AM
Lauren: 7 lb 13 oz - 21 in 6:10 AM
Jon: 8 lb 1 oz - 19 1/2 in 8:04 AM
Haley: 7 lb 15 oz - 17 in 9:30 AM

The baby was actually born at 8:07 AM (Award goes to Jon), and she was 6 lb 10 oz - 20 in (award goes to Dad for this one).

It's a dang good thing Ethan's prediction wasn't closest!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Started out the day visiting my new neice in Payson. (Did I mention Haley had her baby, and she's gorgeous!? Both the baby and mother!)

Hells - if this picture isn't ok, please let me know.
Found a fantastic captain's chair at D.I for a steal.

Primed more of my dining table I'm refinishing.

Started painting the dining table leaves.

Headed up to Elase Academy to be a model for Mary Kate.

Gritted through the pain of laser hair removal and swore I'd never do it again.

Rewarded myself for not crying with Red Mango.

Sweating through the pain sure did a number on my face and hair!

I'm so proud of Mary Kate! Not only is she a licensed cosmetologist, but she went back to school for her esthetics license and is now in laser hair removal school! And that's after she graduated from Utah State! If only I had the drive she does!
Great day, and the rest of the week is shaping up to be fantastic as well!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bridal Veil

It's been much too long since I've been up to the magnificent waterfall Provo boasts within it's canyon.

The air was refreshing. The water was too cold. The Nikon SLR cameras were everywhere. Many a proud mom snapping pictures of their children.

Whitney let Jack run rampant in the ice cold water until his boyish rock-throwing got a little out of control.
The walk back was meant to be brisk so as to put Haley in labor. Didn't work.

Squaw Peak was the next landmark we visited, where Jack said he could, "see the whole world". Ah, to be young!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Major Milestone

This girl, Mazie, made a very important decision in her life, and was baptized as an official member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints this last Saturday.

We are so proud of her, and loved being there for her big day!

The whole family was able to attend, so a Kodak moment was most definitely in order!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Proof of a 'Happy Day'

B-day Festivities for Tadd . . .

Notice that Griffin won't take his eyes off the cake, he is such an advocate of food!

Grandpa Cox, such a sweet man! Check out his sweet kicks, still stylin' at 88!

The birthday boy and the wife!
Happy Birthday babe, I love you so much!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tadd's Happy Day

We have a lot of pictures like this...

Yesterday marked my cute husband's 29th birthday.
Gosh, I'm glad his mom whelped that 9 lb. 9 oz. baby version of him!

Tadd's happy day was spent just how Tadd liked. Laid back and no-fuss. It's just who he is!

After he worked at the golf course in the morning, we headed down to Orangeville (2 hours south) to pick up his Grandpa for our neice's baptism the following day. Tadd volunteered to make the trip, on his birthday. That's just the selfless guy I married.

After four years of marriage, 1.5 years of dating...I had never once been down to Orangeville to see where Tadd's dad grew up. I was long overdue.

Grandpa Cox showed me around his house, which strongly reminded me of my Grandma Sally's home. The comfortable, worn feeling mixed with the scent of an old folk's home was all too familiar, and I loved it!

I also got a tour of Grandpa's garden, which was so impressive! Peppers, jalapenos, corn, indian corn, raspberry, garlic, peach trees, and so much more! His home is where I need to be in the summer when I'm craving fresh produce!

Heading home we took the Huntington Canyon route, which was beautiful! Grandpa had a few fun stories for the road, and I was also reminded of when the 6th ward used to camp up at Birdseye. Yesterday proved to be a true trip down Memory Lane!

I love my Tadd so much. And I love that he loves me. I'm one of those ridiculous girls that can be needy, and needs to know I'm loved and important. Well, he caters to me in that way, which makes me the happiest around.

Last night as he was helping me prepare HIS birthday cakes, he was being SO particular about how we spread the ice cream, and sprinkled the Oreo powder. I knew Tadd could be specific and picky about things, but it completely hit me that he was a perfectionist. Which I stated to him, and do you know what he said? "Well, I got you. Didn't I?" Can I hear a collective "awwww"?

Do you see why I love him? I'm so happy to have him!

Happy Birthday Cuppy!


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