Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Important Information II

I believe I have alarmed a number of people, let me straighten this out. The reason I cannot have a baby right now is because we are not financially ready for one, and would like for Tadd to be finished-ish with school, not because we physically can't (at least to my knowledge). Sorry all.

Wall of Shame

In reference to Whit's post:

It's a darn shame that:
I can't rinse my mouth with cold water because I'm fairly sure I have about three cavities and it hurts.
I can't find about three checks from the salon that I desperately need to deposit.
I don't have a diet coke fountain at my desk. An IV just wouldn't do because I couldn't taste the bubbly!
Tanning isn't healthy for you. I do still visit the tanning beds occasionally, I will admit, but finding a good self-tanner is a biotch of a task. My fave so far is Bare Escentuals Faux Tan.
Although I feel I am equivalent to a princess, I still have to do regular peasant-like things like pick up my car after an oil change.
I am missing a dress rehearsal and two dance performances 'cuz sister-Haley is getting married. (Love you Hal!)
P.S - Please excuse my junior high-like asterisks, this is not by choice. It is the only solution I can come up with for my stupid spacing situation.
P.P.S - I love alliteration

Important Information

I was being facetious about my swiss cheese bones, sorry to alarm you Meggie. I realize the tag was meant to be serious, but I couldn't resist. Sorry!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Linney's Tag

Post these rules on your blog. Answer these 15 questions about yourself on your blog.

List: 3 Joys, 3 Fears, 3 Goals, 3 Current obsessions/collections, 3 Random/surprising facts.

Tag five people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

3 Joys:
1. Family and friends
2. Dance
3. Taddow

3 Fears:
1. Insane asylums, whether it's admittance or visitation
2. Infertility
3. Losing my job

3 Goals:
1. To raise a happy and healthy family in the gospel
2. Be a good example to my kids
3. Someday have a room in my home JUST for my jeans

3 Current obsessions/collections:
1. Blogging
2. Organizing
3. Friend time with Kristen, I totally have a crush on her.

3 Random surprising facts:
1. I really want a baby so badly, and am very sad that I can't yet.
2. My feet suffocate under covers. They must be sticking out.
3. My bones are holey. They resemble swiss cheese, and the doctors say I'm perfectly healthy.

I will now tag the following: Tysen, Kecia, Megan, Janeen and Ali

Monday, April 28, 2008

Husband Nearly Widowed

Guess what I did tonight?

Yes, I went to a spinning class at Gold's Gym. I would now like to consider myself the next Lance Armstrong. Fine, that is way more than 100% a lie. I just about DIED.

People call this fun!? Sure, if you prefer your butt bones bruised, thighs burning like a fire lit in your pants, aching arms, and the feeling of frozen lungs. Sure, then it's fun.

I imagine I'll be back in the saddle next week...

Lovely Things!

I just discovered a very lovely website, I am in love with bold black and stark white, and fell in love with the following.

This especially. I'd like a cute apron to motivate me to spend time in the kitchen doing more than making buttered toast with raspberry jam.

And these, for my sister, Whitney. I want her to have all things bird-like.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

More Saturday Activities

With only one hair cut yesterday, Saturday was one of a kind. I went to a baby shower in the morning for a friend from work, Chieh Hansen, at the cutest house in Provo. Do you love the blue walls?
I don't see friends on Saturdays outside the salon, so I had oodles of fun.

Two foreigners at the shower, Susan and Paula. Love these girls!

I'm not at all a fan of shower games, but the games we played at this one were so clever! No "Smell the Candy Bar in the Diaper" game or "Taste n' Guess the Baby Food". We played this cute matching memory game, there were candy bars you had to match to pregnany/baby terms. ie. Jelly Belly - postpartum belly, M&M's with nuts - baby boys, 100 Grand - hospital bills, etc. Clever, eh!?

After dinner with the in-laws at Carrabba's, I met up with some of my besties at CPK! Do not worry, I did not have two meals, but I certainly indulged in some delicious dessert!

Jessi and Eric Cannon. They live in Las Vegas and came into town for her grandma's funeral, yeah! Yeah to the reunion, of course.

The girlies. Tiana, on the right, just got home from her mission in West Virginia not even a month ago, it was so good to see her!

Last time TT saw us Ali was the brunette and I was the blondie!

Dumbhead Ali is moving back to Texas in June, Jessi never comes to visit, and TT is too cool for me, so I'm back to no hair school friendlings. :(


Some of the family gathered at Carrabba's to celebrate Steve's birthday Saturday night. The food is delectable, and there is too much of it! Get the Spiedino something next time you're there. Delish!

Sunday evening we had a family get together at the Cox Homestead with cakes, ice cream and presents to boot!
Try to look past Ava's creepy face in the picture above.

Proud Papa and Grandma with all their grandkids last Christmas.
Happy birthday Papa, we love you!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

TWO Others!

April 26th is one popular birth date! In addition to Megan's, both my father-in -law, Steve, and cousin, Janeen, were born on this day! This is to you!
More to come on the festivities of Steve's celebration

26 on the 26th!

MegRomo turned 26 today, and I'd like to publicly wish her a very merry birthday! I could write a novel on the things I love and have learned from my sissy, but I will spare you all, and name a few on my humble blog.

This sister of mine and me connect on a level most wouldn't understand. Want to know why we're sisters? Well you see, my birthday is August 13th. 13+13=26. April and August both start with an A! Do you get it? Yes, a different level indeed.

Megan is super duper talented, and shares her talents, BONUS! If you haven't noticed my amazing headers, you're a fool. You may thank her for those, and also THESE gems. The girl oozes talent!

There is a very deadly combination. Megan + debit card + Caitlyn + debit card = Disaster. But a fun one, at that! Meggie is one of the best shopping buddies, and luckily she's the type that silences her voice of reason!

I also fink she's g-g-gorgeous, so I shall post a number of photographs.

Probably my favorite picture. Jack loves his Aunt (pronounced Awnt, cuz she's weird) Meg.

Meg's stomping grounds, Sparks, NV, is roughly eight hours from Provo. Does that stop her from driving here every six weeks to support me in my hairing? Those three hours we spend together at the salon every month and a half are treasured. (Don't even expect us to be finished under three hours, not happenin'.)

She married this guy 6 1/2 years ago (correct?). We certainly love him, and applaud her choice.

Two beauties. It's alright, you can be jealous of them.

She loves her little Soph-baby, that little beast.

Although she's modest (ok, not so much), and may not consider herself a true yogini, I certainly do. If only I was as motivated...

I love you sister, and wish you the bestest birthday. Rub a lamp.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Up and coming...

The third post of the weekend, and this one, as well, has to do with a wedding. It's becoming a darn epidemic. But a good one, at that.

There was much prepping and primping Saturday morning in preparation for the bridals/groomals. Click HERE for the professional photos.

And indulge yourself a bit in the amateur photos below...

Mal hard at work...don't bug her. Your head...bit off.

First stop was Mt. Timp, where the lovebirds will wed May 9th.

Me and Cora. Unforatuntely, she couldn't stick around. She had errands to run. People to see, places to go! The life of 13 month old...

Second stop. The grassy knoll below the temple. I kindly asked some ruffian if we could borrow his spiffy scooter for pictures, and he agreed.

Third location (yes, the Stott's seriously dedicated roughly five hours of their life to the Halls): Railroad tracks. This site made for some amazing pictures.

And I was sure to keep my ear to the rail to ensure the safety of our soon-to-be-newlyweds.

Fourth location: Junk shop in American Fork. The description of this place is quite deceiving. It's more of a treasure shop! I could spend hours in this place full of antiques, doo-dads and knick knacks! I purchased a quite lovely anitque cheest of drawers for our bathroom that I may post some other time.

Is this green door amazing or what?

Of course there was a vintage truck parked outside the shop. It's for sale too! But only if you

A rope swing hung innocently by the shop, so Lauren and I tested our strength swinging across the raging river of death!

I quite surprised myself when I found myself high and dry post-swing. Yay me! Lo, on the other hand, dropped into the river. I win!

There was a fifth location, but I skipped out early to attend the BYU volleyball game with Taddow.
Overall...lovely, WINDY day. Hells was beautiful, and Jon handsome. Congrats you two!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bonus Wedding

When Mom and I were finished with the sealing, and on our way to get our shoes we saw neighbors from our old ward! It just so happened that Malia Sadowski was married right before Linsey, so we were able to see Malia as well!

Nikki (sister), Kim (mom), Malia

Linsey & Matt's Wedding

Our friendlings Linsey Meyer and Matt Arnell were married yesterday, April 19 in Salt Lake. Tadd was unable to go because of work and a golf tournament, but luckily my mommy was able to accompany me (Linsey's high school mom). We had such a great time together!

Lins and Matty coming out of the temple!

Doesn't she look beautiful!?

I also ran into an old friend from high school, Tawny (Judkins) Gause, and it was so great seeing her! Yes, I realize I'm a repeat offender with my outfit. Get over it.

Pretty Lins with her sisters Kristin and Amanda

Joseph Smith Memorial Building for the luncheon

Although Lins and I sometimes go months without seeing each other, I still consider her one of my best friends; we can always pick back up right where we left off! We've had some hilarious times together, and I couldn't be more happy to see her marry Matt, who is equally as awesome as she is.

Case in point: rather than cut the cake like most normal people, they each bit a corner! And then things got violent...

The wedding guests held sparklers as the couple left for the honeymoon. I tried my hardest to light Linsey's hair on fire, but to no avail...

And then...the car. Complete with whip cream, syrup and vaseline.

Congratulations Arnells, we wish you the best!


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