Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

One thing I very much enjoy about Halloween is seeing all my neices and nephews dressed up their clever costumes! It's pretty crazy that since last Halloween there are three new grandkids added to the family!
L-R: Adrie the Nice Witch, Ellie the Cheerleader, Madi the Sports Fan, Bree the Caterpillar, Kyra as Dorothy, Mazie the Witch, Ava the Octopus, and Andrew the Pirate
Crew and Griffin in their little skeleton costumes. I just had to rotate the photo so it looks a little like the skeletons are standing!

All the grandkids! Sorry your head is cut off, Madi!

Papa (Tadd's Dad) grows huge pumpkins each year in his side yard garden, it's amazing! Kris and Papa got the job of carving out the pumpkins this year. Surprisingly, the walls of these pumpkins are really thick, and there is hardly any goo in them! (I think I hate the word "goo".)

Adrie standing in front of one of the pumpkins. Notice the electric saw on the ground...these sorts of things are what it takes to carve award winning pumpkins.

The pumpkins Papa grew and carved for this year's Halloween

My Cox neices as Nice Witch, Caterpillar and Dorothy

Family in Town

My mother underwent surgery, and needed an understudy to step in while she was under the weather, so my sister and her husband came to help out! This last Friday night Tadd and I headed down to Elk Ridge for a night o' family fun!

Tadd and I just bought a new car, a KIA Optima, and I LOVE it! This is a pic of us driving in our new car!

Megan and I took on the task of making amazing sugar cookies. Does anyone even know how hard it is to make a decent sugar cookie? Well, this is NOT something I knew before beginning this project. I got a supposed grrrrrrrreat sugar cookie recipe from a friend from high school, and just raved about it! Come to find out, a decent sugar cookie is hard to come by. Just ask my dad, he described our cookies as "throwing a handful of flour in your mouth, swishing it with a gulp of water, and trying to swallow".

I vote Megan starts her own cooking show. The way she poses for baking pictures is truly inspiring.

Believe it or not, this is only midway through our cooking. Megan not only doubled the dough recipe, but possibly trippled the frosting recipe.

"Never judge a book by it's cover"...It's all too true.

It's undecided whether Megan is gagging or terrified of my frusting encrusted knife.

Needless to say, we chucked the cookies, all 30 of them!

Little sis, Hells, and her boyfriend, Jon.

Little sis, Mally, and her cute red computer.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

25 Fun Facts about Tadd and Caitlyn

This is merely to pass my time, not necessarily yours.

1. We were both born in the same hospital, but five years apart
2. Tadd was wearing a Mr. Bubbles shirt when we first kissed
3. I eat a packet of Hostess Donnettes every weekday morning
4. My dream car is a BMW, newest and nicest around
5. Tadd won't condone my dream car fantasy; he says they are terrible cars
6. I have the weirdest feeling that we'll have three sons and one daughter, in that order
7. Tadd has a terrible habit of biting his nails off
8. I very much dislike peanut butter
9. Tadd and I sleep with separate blankets, and not under a comforter
10. My favorite smell is rain
11. There are six kids in both of our families
12. Last month I used over 6,000 texts
13. Tadd isn't really one for sweets, unless they are Sour Patch Kids
14. We both have a little obsession with Nordstrom
15. We have three stuffed pets: a dog named Clarence, a monkey named Alfred, and a lamb named Monica
16. Tadd doesn't like my hair brown
17. I am highly addicted to TV series on DVD
18. Tadd bought me a Football for Dummies book this year for obvious reasons
19. Tadd won the Low Amateur title in the 2005 Utah Open
20. I can't stand the sound of someone slurping their cereal milk
21. Tadd and I have the same favorite color: pink
22. I know practically everything that goes on in my friend Ali's life, and she lives in Texas. We just text ALL day long.
23. Tadd throws up an average of twice a week, and no...he is not bulimic
24. My favorite food is watermelon and Tadd HATES the stuff
25. I'm mad at Bella Swan

Friday, October 26, 2007

Steel Magnolias

I became really close with five girls from hair school, and we ended up dubbing ourselves the Steel Magnolias! How that came about, I truly don't remember. We even assigned characters to each other, they are as follows: Me - Ouiser (Weezer), Ali - Truvy, Carrie - M'Lynn, Mary Kate - Clairee, Jessica- Shelby, Tiana - Annelle. You may think it cruel to dub Jessica as Shelby, but you must understand that right after hair school she moved back to Las Vegas, so we considered her "dead to us". Nice friends, eh?

We girls made it a point to have a Girls Night Out every month regardless if all of us were in town. It was tough to schedule sometimes since only Ali and I are actually from Utah, and so the other girls would be out of town visiting family and such. Either way, we did it every month! I seriously miss those nights since ALL the girls decided to move and leave me alone in Utah! Ali went to Texas, Jessica to Vegas, Mary Kate to California, Carrie to Idaho and Tiana to Colorado and then West Virginia on her mission! Here is an ode to the Steel Magnolias...

I give you Ali Miller, Caitlyn Cox, Carrie Turpin, Jessica Cannon, Mary Kate Anderson, and Tiana Barrand

From the top, and then left to right: Mary Kate, me, Ali, Tiana, Carrie and Jessica

TT, Mary, Jessique, Cat and AliCat

At Mary Kate's farewell party before she moved to California. Melanie Price is on my right, and she's a friend from the salon.

Ali and me

Carrie put in pretty extension, she's so beautiful!

I can't get over how hilarious the back of Carrie's hair looks.

Jessica and her future husband, Eric (at the time of this picture)

Ali, me, Carrie and Mary Kate

Let's get ready to rumble!

I totally creamed Ali...clearly

The girls chillin' at Eric's house, Jess' boyfriend/fiance/husband

Jess and I being awesomely sexy as always

Going to Seven Peaks for my birthday (August 13th) and Jessica's birthday (August 12th). Next to Jessica is Andrea, another hair school student, and then one of Carrie's friends.

At CPK for Jessica and Eric's celebratory engagement dinner!

Eatin' lunch at Applebee's

What is it with Carrie and her constant coif switcheroos?

Mary and her cat Dax's new buddy

Al and Cat

Are my feet on Melanie's head?

I flew out to Vegas and surprised Jessica at her sealing. She walked in and there I was on the front row! Thank goodness for Jess, her wedding got me out of an extra day at NSE's 2006 convention!

Would it be bad to tell you that this was in the temple bathroom?

Ali and me with the beautiful bride, Caroline Young Turpin. If you can't tell, it was FREEZING

And there you have it, best friends of all time!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dallas Roberts Academy of Hair Design - Class of 2005!

As many of you know I attended Dallas Roberts Hair Academy in Provo, and I know work at Robert Cole Salon in Provo. Although it was slightly an extension of high school, what with all the girls and their drama, I really enjoyed it and I'm so glad I went! I thought you may enjoy viewing some pictures of my happenings at the salon and at hair school.

In the fall of my first few months in hair school, we had a hair show at the Regan Theatre at UVSC. The theme was Era's of Hair (or something along those lines). Our era was Futuristic! I recruited my little sis, Mallory, and one of her friends, and then we had a bunch of girls from school.

A couple other students, our instructor, Joni Maw Bryce, and I coreographed the dance we did for the show, and it was really neat! It was a techno song that started out very softly, and my friend Hillary and I came on dancing in pointe shoes, and then it broke out into this cool techno (although not my typical music of choice, but it worked perfectly).

Me, Mallory, and another hair school student

How rad is Mally's hair? We didn't use any hair extensions, just styrofoam balls!

Mallory, me and Rosemary

Mallory and Robin

Waiting for Whitney to finish cooking

Photo shoot during hair school

I always catch Ali at her best. We did a classy roller set on her hair.

This is the new shade I'm sporting, it's so pretty! *Wink*

Me, Angela Johnson, Ali Miller and Tiana Barrand

Memorable Photographs

So I saw my mom was whipping out embarrassing pictures of her children years ago, so rather than pitching a fit, I decided to top her pictures with ones I've discovered. Enjoy!

My sisters and I went to Westridge Elementary, and back then Westridge was a year round school. We were on the track system, and we had breaks periodically for a few weeks. We always took advantage of those breaks, and did all sorts of fun activities. Here are we visiting a dinosaur park of sorts; I'm sincerely hoping you don't immediately recognize which one I am...
Whitney was once heard saying that in this photograph she's fairly sure she's having the most fun of her life. Wouldn't you agree?


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